Jesus says in John 4:23-24, "But the hour is coming, and now is, when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is a spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

Overcoming Spiritual Abuse

Overcoming the pain of Spiritual Abuse begins by first understanding  the difference between Christianity and  Religion.

Religion means "return on to bondage". It does not matter whether you are Baptist, Methodist , full gospel, Mormon, Catholic or Moslem . Religion of any kind is still religion, withers it is in the name of God or Allah. Religions has many faces, but the same belief structure that guides them,  is not based on the reality of a true relationship with God no matter how hard they try to justify their actions and critical nature.
Religions tell a person that they must submit without question to those that are in authority over the church. It does not matter wither the person that they are submitting to causes more harm than good, as long as they submit without question.

Religion views women as property, to be owned by a man. 

Religion views all males as having ultimate authority over females, even those that are not their wives.

Religion tells a woman that if she does not submit to her husband’s authority over her, she deserves to be beat. It does not matter whither the man is a monster and would beat her any way. As long as she submits even if it means her life may be at risk. 

Religion holds a woman personally responsible for her husband’s infidelity. If she would make an endeavor to be sexy and loving, she husband would not stray. On the other hand, religion also tells the women if he leaves her she is expected to live the rest of her life alone or find herself condemned by God for adultery.

Religions say there is one rule for men and one rule for women. Men can do anything they want, a woman has to take what every he dishes out and be happy about it.

Religion does not accept illness of any kind, unless you are elderly and then it is expected. Confessing is seen as lack of faith in God healing power. And illness that leaves you unable to attend church is seen as laziness and lack of commitment to the church. Heavy people are viewed as being filled with the spirit of glutton and lacking in carrying for their body and hygiene. The poor have no place in religion for they are seen as a people that God has rejected and a burden on the church, the rich are seen as being blessed by God and an asset to the church.
Religion tells us that we most go to church or lose our salvation. It also tells us if we go to church on Sunday, we are going to hell in a hand basket. On the other hand, if we go to church on the Sabbath, we are just as insured by religion to make the same trip to hell. In other words, if we failed to enter the proper church on the proper day of the week we are bound for hell.

There is not place in religion for a guy person, an alcoholic, an drug addict, or bum that lives on the street, because they are seen as someone evil As a result, they are treated as if they have a contagious disease that might be catchy….

But then religion only looks and expects perfection in those that attend their church. And only those that no how to outwardly cover up their sinful natures and put on the deceptive mantle of perfection are accepted with in their circle. I am not perfect, I have a sinful nature. I am also not very good an actress to even begin to pretend that I am perfect in any way. As a result, I never fit into any church denomination that I attended for over 40 years, no matter how hard I tired. But then, neither did Jesus Himself.

Christianity is a relationship with God through, our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is written in Acts 11:26: “And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.”They were called Christians because of their behavior, activity, and speech were like Christ. It was originally used by the unsaved people of as a kind of contemptuous nickname used to make fun of the Christians. It literally means, “Belonging to the party of Christ” or an “adherent or follower of Christ.” Yet, other than in being used to describe followers of Christ in Antioch, the word "Christian" is only the Bible two other places (Acts 26:28 and 1 Peter 4:16). In 60+ other places in the New Testament, followers are referred to as "saints"!

While the religious leaders of Jesus time, keeps the church in bondage to rules and regulations they called church doctrines. Jesus preached freedom! Freedom from rules that could not be kept no matter how hard a person tried. Rules that cause more heart ache and pain, than they were designed to do when God first gave the Ten Commandments to Moses along with a set of rules for the Israelite s to live by . Rules that keep the Jewish people under the thumb of the church leadership, while at the same time keeping the gentiles out.

While the religious leaders of the Jewish faith preached that they were the one true church of God and thus His only children. Jesus taught the people outside of the church about Gods unconditional love and acceptances. While the religious keep teaching about a God and His big stick. Jesus keeps preaching about a God of forgiveness and mercy.
Today the church still has its sermons about God and His big stick. And Jesus, through His great sacrifice on the Cross, is still preaching about a God of Love, mercy, forgiveness to those that open their hearts to the truth of the cross and are willing to open their hearts and mind to the truth of His word.

Does our freedom mean that God does not hold us accountable for our actions? Of course He does. But He is not concerned about the small things like going to church on a regular bases, or whether you wear your hair covered in church or not. Or whether you agree with what the pastors is preaching from the pulpit. What He is concerned about is not the condition of your own heart

True Christianity is not based on our religious convictions; it is based on the condition of a person’s heart and on their personal relationship with the Lord. If we are close to the Lord, and rely on Him to teach us to love our neighbors as ourselves, then we will choose not to gossip, criticize or condemn another person. In other words, we will follow His example and be the light in the darkness that brings healing with it. We will not go out of the way to condemn another person and their beliefs or lack of.